Some thruster designs and sizes allow to replace their damages blades or seals by creating a dry space or working room at the transverse thruster pipe. Some of them also can be lifted upward so that the repairs are carried out from inside at the thruster room. For these kind of repairs it is need to make the tunnel dry and create safe working room.

 Our covers, similar to our flexypatch-rigs but of a much larger size, can be easily placed by divers at the tunnel access, each side, making the space suitable for pumping the water out and making a safe working space for inside access. Up on completing the repair process made access opening at the thruster room can be replaced by following a one face full penetration welding, accepted by all classification societies.

Our covers can be used to:

  • Plug instantaneously a water ingress in emergency and in line with its size.
  • Plug a transverse propeller tunnel, each side, and makes it dry and safe for working 
  • Repair provisionally or permanently a damaged shell plating  

No need for moving your vessel to drydock and saving the huge need expenditures.

For new buildings, we can design them according the shape of your vessel. 

Our covers can be ordered with magnets or suckers, or with convination of them, allowing to place it on soft non- ferruous surfaces such as aluminium or GRP .