marine structural cofferdams 

When the size of the area to be repaired underwater exceeds the size of our flexypatch-coff, Klassmar, our parent company, designs and builds any cofferdam you may need, from a simple cover for your transverse propellers to the most complex cofferdams to repair in dry conditions,

Our structural cofferdams mainly are used for:

  • Dry and afloat repairs of shaft seals
  • Dry and afloat repairs of variable pitch propellers
  • Dry and floating repairs of propulsion shafts 
  •  Dry and afloat repairs of rudders and their parts
  • Dry and afloat repairs of transverse propellers
  • Dry and afloat repairs of propulsion thursters
  • Crop and rewew damages shell plating

Our cofferdams, unlike those manufactured by other suppliers, have our flexypatch-Join as a sealing system throughout their perimeter, so that sealing is obtained from the first moment, facilitating their positioning and support.

 All our cofferdams have a ballast system so that their buoyancy is neutral once submerged so that they can be easily moved by divers without the need for difficult and risky maneuvers with cranes and winches.