Flexypatch-Comb is a fast sealing device made of high density CR foam in combination with reinforced rubber, parallel stiffening and  neodymium magnets holds itself and can adapt easily to double curved surfaces, making watertight large openings under it  .

It is used mainly to:

  • Plug instantaneously a water ingress coming from medium size openings.
  • Acconditionate a NON gratted sea chest box for internal repairs
  • Repair provisionally or permanently a shaped and damaged shell plating  
  • Cut off oil spill  on a shaped or flat shell plating
  • Fast refloating of sunk vessels or artefact

 Our flexypatch - flex is specially indicated to plug instantaneously a water ingress created by grounding , medium size  colision holes and medium size corrosion holes   

It can be used to acconditionate a NON gratted medium size sea chest box to work in dry conditions to weld, crop and renew wasted plates, or to modify any part of the sea chest boundaries without lifting the vessel or placing it in drydock.   

 In combination with some of our provided accesories, it can be used to weld with standard shore welding procedures a fracture, pitting, pinhole, or even to renew permanently a damaged shell plating plate by using a  special procedure. Repairs made with our procedure are considered permanents by class and not conditions of classes are imposed so that your tonnage commercial opeartibity will not be limited.

It can be used also to cut off oil spills  from damaged shell plating when the head of liquids it is not high.

 Our flexypatch - comb model is  surpricing efficient to plug and make watertight medium size holes caused by corrosion,  grouding or collision so that the vessel can be re-floated easily, safely and fast.

Our flexypatch "Flex" can be ordered with magnets or suckers, or with convination of them, allowing to place it on soft non- ferruous surfaces such as aluminium or GRP .

Sizes marked with "*" are cataloged by NATO/OTAN and they are being used by the US Navy, Portuguese Navy and Spanish Armanda.