Flexypatch-Flex at a MODU Column
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Flexypatch® products series are revolutionary magnetic patches or cofferdams supported by an innovative patented technology which seals and prevents liquid ingress or leaks without the need for drilling, welding or gluing when it is placed in the most pressurised area of the boundary to be sealed.

Flexypatch products are flexible and capable of adapting to three curved, rough surfaces.

Flexypatch products can save your cargo and can prevent environmental pollution. They can avoid costly oil spill penalties and revenue lost from ship and cargo losses.

Did you have a water ingress and you had to dry-dock your vessel or MODU?. With our magnetic cofferdams you can repair it afloat with no condition of class and fully approved by any Classification Society.

Under water welding and repairs with standard welding procedures. No under water wet welding.

Flexypatch-Flex 1-25m2 / Any < 5m wide
Flexypatch-Rigid 1 - 25m2
Flexypatch-Comb 0.25 - 2m2
Scuppers fast seals 50 - 200ND
Overboard discharge pipe fast seals 50 - 1200ND
Magnetics portable cofferdams 0.25-2m2
Under Water Examination class notation - kit On demand
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