Volsak is a sack of volcanic stones made of wire and fibreglass which is used to keep our patch away of the heating zone during the repair.

The sack is self-holding due to its magnetic edge.

Our standard sack is approximately 800x400 mm and you can use as much as you need to cover the damaged area.

We can produce and provide any size you wish.

Image cannot address exactly its actual design.


Holding Wedges

Our holding and adjusting wedges are adjustable micrometrically to allow you to keep the new plate in position during the cutting of the old or damaged plate, and to push the new plate into the welding position.

One wedge can hold a force of up to 20 tons. Depending on the size of the opening you will need more or less wedges.

If you cut and renew an area of 1 mm2 you will need a security coefficient of 3 12 units.

Additionally, we recommended the use of pillars for security. These are also provided by us.

Image cannot address exactly its actual design.


Expandable pillars

Expandable pillars are commonly used in civil engineering but the ones provided are adapted for marine use.

The pillars are used mainly during the shell plating repair of double bottom and wing tanks, as a second security support.

We have different sizes and types.

We can assist you when selecting the size and type, please contact our Technical Support department for advice.

Image cannot address exactly its actual design.


Repairs plans, instructions and Welding Procedures

Our Technical Support department can assist you with the repair or refloating plan. Based on our experience in the use of our products we can evaluate your project and give you the instructions required for a successful project completion.

Additionally we can provide you with the major classification societies (ABS, LR, DNV, BV) approved welding procedures for repairs in dry conditions, althought under the water, using our products.

These welding procedures were prepared for an extensive range of materials covering the commonly used high tensile steel materials (EH32, EH36, DH32....).

You can buy our procedures separately or together with a repair kit.

More accessories ....

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